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About Go New Forest

So what exactly is the Go New Forest Card?

It’s a wide ranging campaign that aims to help people get the most out of the unique environment of the New Forest while, at the same time, helping them to support the local economy.

How does it do that?

By involving many local businesses and groups Go New Forest can promote a wide range of interesting aspects of life, work and play in the New Forest.  We hope this will be of positive help to all concerned.

You say ‘we hope’…..who is involved in Go New Forest?

Go New Forest is supported by a large group of organisations including the New Forest Business PartnershipNew Forest TransitionNew Forest District Council, and the New Forest National Park Authority.  Between us we cover all aspects of the local economy and environment.

Sounds good… can I get involved?

Well firstly, you can explore the pages on this site to find out more; but to get the best from the campaign you can buy a Go New Forest Card.

What does a Go New Forest Card do then?

It gives you access to a variety of special offers and deals from local businesses and allows you to sign up for our email newsletters that give you updates on all aspects of the campaign.

How much does a Go New Forest Card cost and where can I buy one?

The annual cards cost £10 each (valid from December – December) and you can buy them online or from a range of outlets.