New Forest Matrix Update

You may well have heard about the New Forest Matrix, a new online ordering and distribution service that will connect local suppliers and buyers.

After going through a detailed development process the Matrix software is now complete and we’re in the process of recruiting our first users to start using the system to buy, sell and distribute their goods. There will be a short period of user testing to ensure that everything works exactly as intended but all being well, we’ll be ready to launch the full New Forest Matrix in the next few weeks meaning that buying local produce will be easier than ever before.

This project has been developed by a number of local partners including Brand New Forest, Hampshire Fare, New Forest District Council, New Forest Produce and the National Park Authority with experts within each of these organisations brining their considerable experience to the table. The Matrix will offer end users (e.g. hotels, restaurants, pubs, farm shops) a far greater choice of suppliers and opens up new markets for the wide range of producers who operate from the forest.

If you’re interested in being one of the suppliers or buyers who benefits from this system you can find out further details and register your interest here.

The Matrix project has been funded by Interreg, European Regional Development Fund.