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How it works

Thinking of buying a Go New Forest Card but want to know more about how it works? Find some useful information below…

Physical Card and Key Fob
You are able to purchase a Physical Go New Forest Card either from our e-shop or from a local card retailer. The physical Card is a credit card sized plastic card, which will come with an attached key fob that can be safely snapped off and become two parts. These two parts are both for the use of the person who bought the Card, or the person who the Card has been gifted to, i.e. putting the Card in a purse/wallet and adding the key fob to a bunch of keys, to ensure the cardholder always has it on them.

Digital Card
You are only able to purchase a Digital Go New Forest Card from our e-shop. Once a Digital Card has been purchased, the Go New Forest Team will process your order and add the details provided to the online system, the purchaser will then receive an email (to the email provided at point of sale) with a button to download their Digital Card to their phone wallet. Once added to the phone wallet, the cardholder will be able to access this card digitally until the annual expiry date (31/12). Please note, you will not receive the digital card straight after purchasing, as there is a manual process that needs to be carried out.

How to redeem an offer at different types of business
Take a look through the list of offers on our website and choose where you wish to visit and receive the offers and discounts available. Here’s some top tips on how to redeem your offer at different types of businesses:
Retail (High Street Shops, Farm Shops, Attraction Gift Shops): When going to the cashier to pay for your products, show your Go New Forest Card to the salesperson so that they are aware that you have a Go New Forest Card before processing the order.
Food & Drink/Eateries (Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants): When you sit at your table, show your Go New Forest Card to the waiter/waitress so that they are aware that you have a Go New Forest Card before you make your order, especially if the offer is on a specific product. Or, even better, let them know that you have a Go New Forest Card when you call to book your table and then again when you arrive at the premises. 1 Go New Forest Card will cover 4 people, unless the offer states otherwise.
Online: When you are purchasing products or services online, enter the unique discount code at point of sale. Businesses who offer an online discount with either have their unique discount code within their offer details on our website, or you will need to contact the business and receive the code direct.
Other offers (Things to do, Services, Health & Beauty): When taking up offers for all other types of business, either mention the Go New Forest Card when contacting the business to book via telephone or email to receive your discount, enter the unique discount code given when online booking or purchasing or show your Go New Forest Card at point of arrival at the business.

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