Do you bite your nails? Well, it’s time to stop!

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Creatif-Perfection – 10% off Mavala Nail Biting Kit

Do you bite your nails? Have you given up trying to grow them?

After 40 years of nail biting, I have successfully grown my nails using this nail biting kit. It has worked for me and I have recorded my journey on how I achieved this, with photographic evidence along the way!

12 March – 11 June

We all have habits we want to break – my worst, nail biting, has been with me since a child (over 40 years sounds much better than over 50 years!) ,,,, but I have finally managed to succeed in growing them and it feels great (I know to most people it is normal to have nails, so what’s the deal, but believe me to someone who has always had such cruddy fingers it really is very liberating).

So what made it work?

Firstly, I committed to facing the habit and breaking it. How many times have I said to myself “I want to stop biting my nails”, but expecting it to miraculously happen overnight … a habit is a habit and needs a little bit of help to break particularly when it has been fed for many years.

To be honest, I was getting pretty fed up with sticking on false nails (cost, time and a few embarrassing incidents!), and also it was costly to have the acrylic nails applied every few weeks let alone fitting it in amongst a busy schedule.

So I took the time to really stop and think about how I could break this habit.   The facts were very clear.  Did I really, really want to grow them?  YES, I visualised having lovely long nails to pamper, care for and be proud of and was embarrassed at the daily situations when I knew they were on show.   Secondly, was it something I wanted but couldn’t have – NO, I knew my nails, bless them, would grow pretty quickly if they were allowed to and would grow into a nice shape, and would be strong, despite being attacked for so many years. Thirdly, so what was stopping me – the answer was simple – ME!

So, having this conversation with myself was actually quite empowering in itself as I had given it some serious attention. It all seemed pretty simple really, to break this habit, but of course it isn’t, as anyone with a habit will know.   I think I also thought and accepted that I was “just a nail-biter, born and bred”.  No-one is born with a habit, they develop it of course.

I googled a few tips, to see if there was any help out there as I was sure this was pretty common (maybe not with adults!) – one tip was to practice “mindfulness” – to practice being in the moment and have an awareness of what you are doing. As with most habits, nail biting occurs subconsciously whilst you are thinking of something else!

I then happened to go into Creatif-Perfection, to take them some Brand New Forest Cards and commented that I would love to be able to have manicures. At that point Joy asked me if I had tried the Mavala nail-biting kit.  I was slightly dismissive – I had tried the brush-on nail-biting lotions without success years ago so how could this be any different.

Anyway, having coincidentally been on a mission to tackle and solve my habit, I read the pack and decided to give it ago – after all, at the end of the course (33 days) it says I will have long nails to be proud of!

The pack contains a variety of products to apply to your nails but, most importantly, a day by day guide of what to do! This really helped and each day I vigilantly read the instructions and kept to the course.

The first couple of days I absent mindedly bit my nails and was sharply reminded by the absolutely foul tasting liquid I had applied. It really is nasty and there is no way you can get used to the taste.  It stays on even after washing your hands so there is a constant reminder.

I would say that after two weeks I actually started to lose the “urge” to bite, and I could not believe how soon the habit was no longer a dominating feature of my daily life.

It also amazed me how quickly my nails could recover once left alone, and this inspired me to continue with the course. The instructions said to leave one little pinky free to bite but I decided they would all have the treatment – after all I didn’t want to see a painted set of nails minus one!

At Day 33 my nails were no-where near as long as I would like, but much better nonetheless as you can see. I continued and, after 60 days, my nails looked amazing and I was really proud of my achievement.  I probably overdo the pampering a bit, I carry around the little plastic case with me everywhere, but having not had nails for so long I am making the most of it!

I went to see Joy at Creatif Perfection on 11 June to show off my achievement and had a manicure, with a promise to do a blog. Joy also said she would give 10% off to anyone who would like to buy a Mavala Nailbiting Kit from her.

Not long after seeing Joy, I broke a couple of nails (I let them grow too long!) and this was a real test for me. I was so tempted to bite them right down but I knew that if I did, down would go all of the others and what an absolute waste that would be.

I had a serious talk with myself as to how I would feel if I was back to square one, and the time and effort I had put in to grow them, and thankfully I managed to recover them and they have grown back up – I think I had become too complacent and had not prepared myself for any setbacks, but happily I still have nails that I never, ever thought I would be able to achieve.

So if you are reading this and bite your nails I would strongly recommend that you try this kit as I really didn’t think I would ever be the owner of lovely long nails which I no longer need to hide. Good luck!

By Carol

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