Moving forward with the GIS mapping project

Since the previous update (March 10) work has continued to progress on the GIS mapping exercise which we promised to undertake at the Minstead event in January.

The initial maps look like they’re going to give us an accurate picture of the exact broadband speeds which can be achieved here in the New Forest. This information will be vitally important as we look to assist those in areas who are not currently marked to have any funded or market provision in the foreseeable future.

Also further to the Minstead event, we’ve had a strong interest in our Broadband signup form. A strong mailing list is a key component of the idea that by working together we’re stronger. We’re aware of numerous community broadband groups, many of whom have made tremendous progress. Far from overriding this, we want to pool this knowledge and expertise so that we can ensure we’re able to move this campaign forward in the most effective manner.

Find out more on the Brand New Forest Broadband campaign here.

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