Moving the Broadband Project forward

Following the January Broadband meeting in Minstead, the Broadband Development Group have been working towards one of the key agreed outputs of this meeting.

Those who attended will recall that in order for us to understand how we can assist those communities in the greatest need of improved broadband, we first need to understand where the greatest problem areas are. This has been tackled on two separate fronts. Firstly we have been asking members of the local community (resident or business) to upload their details to the form on the Brand New Forest website. This includes a lat/long reference so we can pinpoint exactly where they are.

The second element will use this data (and more besides) to produce a GIS map showing the reach of individual cabinets whether connected, waiting to be so or not in any current plans at this stage. We have so far mapped two individual cabinets and the broadband development group are looking at this data but all being well, we will be able to roll this work out to the whole of the New Forest and for the first time produce a detailed map of what still needs to be done.

The more information we have, the better so we still need people to complete their details wherever possible. Don’t worry if you don’t know your lat/long details, there’s a link from the form of the BNF website. Details of presentations from our meeting in Minstead along with the registration form can be found by clicking here

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